[Edition 2015] Eric Scherer, curator, will bridge human and technology to one another

Futur en Seine has seen big for 2015. Indeed, Prospective Director for France Televisions and media expert for over 25 years, Eric Scherer, was called to direct the festival conferences’ program.

Eric Scherer is best known for his skills to interpret the digital news. On his blog Meta-media, he daily analyzes international innovation trends and shares his vision of the future. As an extension of his range of actions, Futur en Seine offers him to transpose his online curation skills to a real life curator position for its 2015 edition.

Giving a common theme to the conferences, Eric Scherer wants the public to question itself on the way human and technology interact with one another at different levels: individual, societal and eventually at the nature’s level. The festival will explore transformation operating in the health, education, city and climate sectors.

With the United Nations Climate Change Conference ( COP21) of December 2015 which will be held in Paris and a few days ahead of the big concert for the climate, the festival will echo debates and will become a central spot to question how digital innovation can help our environment and support finding an ambitious agreement for the end of the year 2015.

Even though he is “tech-friendly”, Eric Scherer keeps a critical eye on innovation: he takes into account the notion of pharmakon defined by Bernard Stiegler and approaches digital technologies as a cure and sometimes as a poison.

His conference programming will stress on technology’s ambivalence between a progress and sometimes a threat on our freedoms.

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Coming up : Read on Futur en Seine’s blog, Eric Scherer’s interview to learn more details about the conferences.