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Come to Germany Trade & Invest’s workshop on Thursday June 8th to learn :
– how the future of smart mobility is imagined and driven forward in Bavaria by car manufacturers, promising start-ups and institutions
– how smart logistics help to manage one of the biggest harbours in the world in Hambourg
– what smart transportation solutions were found in Berlin to move it’s nearly 4 million citizens around.

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IQ test for cities: What makes a city smart?

Ask different people around the world and you will get different answers. In some regions the top concerns primarily speak to security and efficiency in public administration, in others to traffic management or simply to digitizing everything. In Germany, the definition is broader. The consensus here tends to be that a city can be called smart if it’s using the most modern technologies available to combat climate change and enhance the quality of life of its citizens in a sustainable way.

Digital solutions play an important role in this respect. They help to unlock the full potential of new energy, environmental, and transportation technologies. But digital technology isn’t everything. Smart cities strive to become sustainable through:

  • the construction of energy-efficient buildings and the modernization of
    existing building stock to reduce heating and electricity demand
  •  the expansion of renewable energy generation and smart grids
  • investment in public transport and the search for new mobility solutions
    new solutions for waste recycling and wastewater treatment
  • the expansion of the sharing economy (vehicles, accommodation, anything that
    can be easily shared in cities)
  • open data and transparent, responsive administration enabling innovation and new urban services that are accessible to all

A leading German researcher summed it up neatly: “Smart cities are marked by an intelligent, flexible organization of urban spaces in which it’s possible to permanently live well — in the broadest, most sustainable sense of the word.”

Germany is trying to get it right by involving everyone – central government, local authorities, utilities, private businesses, research institutions, and local people – in the process of finding innovative ways to make cities smart.

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Photo credit : « Koehlbrand » and » Koehlbrand »-Bridge, aerial photographs | © Lindner