Art and creativity: shaping the future

tmArt and creativity: shaping the future

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« Art and creativity: shaping the future » is part of the six journeys of the 2018 edition of Futur.e.s: here’s what you’ll be able to discover there. Detailed program and schedule coming soon…

How can we rethink and imagine a future that is creative, inclusive and sustainable? Today’s world faces challenges around climate and inequalities, but also the transformation of lifestyles and how we consume. The imperative is to innovate so that we don’t get left behind, but the way forward is not always easy to find. This is why Futur.e.s has prioritised making space for art, creation and fiction – powerful engines with which to imagine the world of tomorrow, and tools to find solutions.

We believe artists have the power to be catalysts for creativity, pioneers of new practices, compasses for innovators, businesses and a lens through which to imagine the future. Artists are often the first to experiment with technology, as tools to define new paradigms, modifying the position of spectator/listener/reader. To find new models and new audiences, artists use technology to shift relationships of ownership and consumption, but also to experience new interfaces and frameworks.

Creativity is also becoming increasingly integrated with how we work, breaking down norms, transforming the workplace and introducing multidisciplinary collaborations – all processes that artists are already familiar with. A renewed focus on creativity has refocused workplaces on research and imagination, centres of innovation now go as far as looking to Renaissance paintings for inspiration – well beyond the usual boundaries of the start-up model.

This year, Futur.e.s is giving pride of place to fiction and the imaginary. Join us to write the script for the future using these beacons of hope and desire. Come and interact with art and creation, not as one-dimensional sources of global change, but as generators for a better, more open future!


  • Story Trip by Urban Expé, a dynamic audio fiction application customised via geo-localised data
  • ArtOfCorner presents Antoine BOURDELLE’s sculptor’s studio, a virtual reality visit of the sculpture atelier of Antoine Bourdelle, also featuring audio commentaries by Paris Musées.
  • I.C.E.B.E.R.G. Orbital views presents Apex – VR Paraglider, a virtual experience where the user is attached to a paragliding harness.
  • ARTIFY, a visual and sound immersion in works of art (paintings, engravings, old and contemporary photographies), to discover via a digital screen and a 3D headset.
  • Change of Paradigm proposes MIXIMALISTE, an application in augmented reality allowing the visualisation of clothing in the real world, guiding the user towards the closest shop.
  • Computer Variations by ENSCI Les ateliers a horizontal work bench that houses a touch screen, facilitating collaborative work.
  • NomadPlay by NoMadMusic, an augmented reality application that allows amateur musicians the possibility to virtually substitute themselves with any instrument from an orchestra, in an immersive audio environment
  • Singulart, an innovative experience exploring purchasing art online via a recommendation algorithm


  • The creative studio, a new model for innovation in the future? (FR)
  • Using art to anticipate future usages (FR)
  • Sexuality and gaming: to play for a better world (FR)
  • AI will kill the radio star: what place does the artist have in a world of automated creation? (FR)
  • Silicon Valley model is outdated! – Keynote Phil Libin (ENG)
  • The future of interfaces: a world without interfaces? (FR)
  • Now that reality has superceded fiction, does science fiction have anything left to tell us? (FR)
  • Design ethics and augmented and virtual reality: how can we make it so that the user isn’t left in limbo? (FR)
  • Do we need to forget about today’s work to be able to invent tomorrow’s? (FR)


  • Phil Libin, founder of Evernote and creation studios All Turtles, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who now advocates for alternative models to the Californian tech hub
  • Virginia Cruz and Nicolas Gaudron, co-directors of the Interactive Design course at Ecole Poytechnique andco-founders of idsl, a design agency specialising indesigning interactions
  • Yann Moulier Boutang, heterodox economist, President of the Comité scientifique de l’Institut des Hautes Études sur la Transition Numérique (UTC)
  • Agnès de Cayeux, artist and Frédéric Mit, photographer. More info about their work here 
  • Ishan Bhojwani, member of community since 2017, joined the incubator of the French digital direction (DINSIC)
  • Daniel Kaplan, thinker and digital stakeholder, co-founder of the Fondation internet nouvelle génération (Fing), which he directed until December 2016. Since then, he has created  University Plurality, carrying the project WORK+
  • Oulimata Gueye, curator on digital technologies in Africa
  • Greg Beller, artist and researcher in contemporary creation. Former student at the Ecole Normale, author of a thesis on expressiveness in speech and music. He has founded the company Skyline, of which he is the artistic director. He also directs the Interfaces Recherche et Création department of Ircam. 
  • Rocio Berenguer, artist, choreographer, dancer
  • Emmanuelle Grangier, choreographer, plastic artist
  • Nicolas Nova, professor at the Haute-Ecole d’Art et de Design (HEAD – Genève), co-founder of Near Future Laboratory, and the author of « panne des imaginaires technologiques »
  • Mathieu Grisolia, from the building company Quattrocento, which offers researchers the means to transform their inventions into commercial products.
  • Marianne Tostivint, Senior Game Designer at Gamabilis (ex-C’TropFood)
  • Vincent Péquignot, founder of Gamabilis (ex-C’TropFood), that aims at changing behaviours by using video games
  • Ariel Kyrou, author of several books, including L’emploi est mort, vive le travail !, she’s a member of the writing group Multitudes, and she is a Philip K. Dick specialist
  • Marialya Bestougeff, Innovation Director at 104 Paris, creative industries incubator.