Futur.e.s labs


At Futur.e.s, we’ve always known that the future can only be built if we do it all together, with you. The partners of the festival carry subjects that deal with issues many other actors in our society are faced with, such as institutions, communities, associations, individuals.

Since 2016, Futur.e.s has been orchestrating, with the expertise of Codesignit!, the commitment of those publics, in order to built together our future, through subjects that concern all of us.

Once again this year, innovators from all backgrounds will have the opportunity to think together and suggest solutions so that the digital can truly help our daily lives, our work, our health, our relationships: therefore why not participate?


In a « design fiction » format, 30 participants will anticipate the future in 2068, by putting themselves in the shoes of different personas, 50 years from now, and the digital solutions to the issues that come up.  Equipments and teams will be available to come up with the best ideas and make prototypes out of them.

If imagination turns vivid thanks to a futuristic horizon, it’s all about drawing concrete actions from this creativeness, in order to get ready as of now to build the future in which we want to live.

Thanks to its unique, playful and effective methodology, labs by Codesign-it! are the perfect occasion to gain an insight into co-creation methods, and to prove yourself you can quickly develop relevant propositions to different issues. Labs are also a great opportunity to go straight into testing your ideas on thousands of beta testers, to be accompanied by the best designers, and to develop your network during an intensely creative day at the heart of the festival!



10 am – 1 pm · 2068 : comment partager nos moyens de déplacement pour un futur plus durable ?
A lab offered by MAIF

Details and registration / Event Facebook

2 pm- 5 pm ·  Vivre et travailler avec l’intelligence artificielle
A lab offered by Groupe BPCE & Banque Populaire Rives de Paris

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3 pm – 5 pm · Le numérique pour valoriser les savoirs d’un territoire
A lab offered by Conseil Départemental de la Seine-Saint-Denis

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10 am – 4 pm · Inventons les futurs services de guidage et d’information de vos gares avec Gares&Connexions
A lab offered by SNCF at 574 de Saint-Denis, accélérateur de transformation digitale de SNCF

Details and registration

And don’t miss Edgeryders’s workshop about the power of collective intelligence:
11 am – 1 pm · Conversations as networks: Connecting people with meaning across contexts
A lab offered by Edgeryders Academy – (in English)

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10 am – 12 pm ·  Scénarios Extrêmes : pour penser le futur du territoire, écrivez son histoire
A lab offered by Lab Ouishare, Chronos, ADEME

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10 am – 1 pm · Lutter contre la maladie en 2068, la tech au service de la santé
A lab offered by Janssen

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2 pm – 5 pm · Comment rendre la mobilité électrique attractive ?
A lab offered by Enedis

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2 pm – 5 pm ·  Recruter & pérenniser les talents du numérique dans le monde industriel
A lab offered by Continental Automotive
for students

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11 am – 1 pm · Ma ville quand je serai grand
A lab offered by JCDecaux
for 9-11 year-olds

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2 pm – 4 pm · 40 % de femmes dans les métiers du numérique et de l’IA ? Super, mais comment faire ?
A lab offered by Wild Code School

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2 pm – 4 pm · Escape room “helping the Youth understand their potential for innovation!”
A lab offered by Pangea – in English
for students and young professionals between 18 and 25 year old (see details)

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  1. Get your free ticket for Futur.e.s here. This is mandatory for you to be able to get into the festival and have access to the labs.
  2. Send in an application to registrate to one of the labs via the link next to each of them. You will receive an email that will notify your application has been taken into account.
  3. You will be registred for good once you get a confirmation email that says you’re in from the Futur.e.s team (around mid-June).


Grande Halle de La Villette, on Balcon 6 : two Labs spaces.
Be careful, you’ll need two different tickets to access Labs (Futur.e.s ticket and Lab confirmation ticket).
Schedules for each Lab are indicated above.
A restitution of each Lab will take place in public after they’ve ended.


– You commit to stay during the entirety of the Lab session.

– You may have photos or film of you taken during the Lab, please tell an organizer when you arrive if you wish otherwise.

– A restitution is scheduled at the end of each half-day of the festival… you may stay to stand for your ideas!

– And of course… have fun!