Test, touch, experiment: discover the selection of demos at Futur.e.s

What did we tell you? New identity, new programme! At Futur.e.s, our demos are there to test, touch and experiment with and most of all to showcase the innovations that will shape our future. The 80 start ups selected are a testament to the dynamic innovation present in the Paris Region, and the world. These creations will help us to respond to the challenges we will face: taking care of the environment and planet; improving the quality of life for elderly people (and others); reducing inequality; increasing diversity…and more! Discover our 2018 showcase of demos!


In the face of climate change, an environmental transition seems inevitable. A number of digital innovations are already tackling this undeniably collective challenge. Participative environmental sensors, new devices that simulate tsunamis, services to assist with monitoring energy consumption…all of these inventions motivate us to act! At the same time, the virtual is layered on top of reality, creating unprecedented experiences that enhance our everyday lives.

  • Become a marine specialist with INRIA Chile thanks to hologram technologies, you can simulate a tsunami, understand how they work and why these natural disasters might affect our entire planet.
  • Welcome to the future! This year, thanks to ONIRIQ and their SOLARBOX, the festival will include a demonstration of a small energy self-sufficient house. The system of low energy consumption has been designed to allow places with precarious energy supplies to access power and internet.
  • Take a ride! L’Université polytechnique des Hauts-de-France develops CoCoVeA, an autonomous vehicle that optimises human-machine cooperation.
  • Blue Marble combats hurricanes! Using machine learning and AI combined with meteological data will (hopefully) enable them to give precise instructions to a fleet of drones, which can assist in reducing the most dangerous hurricanes.
  • Totem by AUGMENTEO allows you to interact and augment your environment thanks to a rotating augmented reality screen.
  • Find your clone at the Festival! The 3D cabin from Exsens generates a detailed model in just a few minutes.
  • TheWhiteShop is the first augmented reality furniture marketplace, without stock or vendors. Redo your interior design at Futur.e.s!
  • Africa Key Partners has developed a platform that enables contracts with African buyers to be securely negotiated using blockchain. The aim to is to better integrate Africa with global commerce by breaking down the barriers of risk/confidence. Winner of the Prix Panafricain Mazars Futur.e.s in Africa in March 2018.
  • The Smart Agriculture Sensor is a portable sensor that allows you to scan in seconds the organic and mineral content of an agricultural soil and recommends the fertilizer intake according to the desired crop.
  • Streetco is the first pedestrian GPS that is adapted for people with reduced mobility or disabilities.
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Rethinking life is about bringing the latest technologies to the body – from wearables to pillows. It’s about giving the elderly the tools to stay independent, getting young people to question the link between sex and gender, or providing carers with the most up to date medical and training devices. There are so many ways to improve our quality of life and how we interact! 

  • Don’t be afraid! MyReVe helps you combat your biggest phobias thanks to a dedicated virtual reality environment.
  • Your body is a fortress! Biowatch uses the unique network of veins in your wrist to protect your passwords and private data.
  • In partnership with CRI and W.A.X. Science, Ania Khazina & Kelly Gibbs present S(H)E : Sexual Health and Education, a virtual reality project centred on health and gender inequality. Experience being a woman at the gynaecologist and confront questions of sexual health and reproduction.
  • Calmedica has created Memoquest, an AI chatbot that follows patients. Designed to focus on ambulatory surgery, it cares for patients before and after an operation.
  • Cycleo by Cottos Médical is a connected stationery bicycle. Thanks to virtual reality it recreates the experience of a long bike ride. The challenge for visitors to Futur.e.s: pedal collectively for more than 1000 km !
  • Neuradom brings a patient reeducation centre to the home. It combines the most advanced therapies, digital sociability and personalised treatment by a practician.
  • InSimo presents diSplay, a high-quality medical simulation application using virtual organs. Testdifferent surgical approaches and simulate their consequences on the specific anatomy of each patient.
  • POP looks after your well being! bepatient comes to your workplace and gives you a preventative health check without leaving your office!
  • Lab On Card from the Fondation MAScIR responds to the challenge of screening for tuberculosis in Morocco, by proposing an intelligent yet efficient device. Winner of the Moroccan category ate.s in Africa in March 2018.
  • OrCam has created MyEye, the only artificial vision technology that is activated by the intuitive gesture of pointing a finger, or simply by following the gaze of the user. Easy to use and equipped with a speaker, you can read in any media and identify the products around you.
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Algorithms and artificial intelligence are everywhere – we’re not going to deny it! The latest advances in vocal technology have enabled radically new uses: AI and robotics are increasingly supporting our work. And what about our personal data? Explore the demos that are redefining our lifestyles! 

  • Chaï is an artificial intelligence that reads and speaks – come and test it out! Do you think you can read better than an AI? Come and find out…
  • Newsbridge iDx is a cognitive search engine with a contextual AI to help journalists and editors to identify the most relevant sequences in video footage.
  • Discover the innovative projects of France TV at their stall, and try out a VR experience with Thomas Pesquet!
  •  Linagora have designed LinTO: an open source personal assistant that respects the private life of its users.
  • Can artificial intelligence help us sell more? Blue DME has invented a virtual assistant for ‘augmented commerce’. The assistant proposes personalised actions to finalise sales, change product prices or send promotional messages…
  • Heasy is a robot kiosk created by Hease Robotics. Specialised in customer service and sales assistance, it is interactive and autonomous. During the Festival, Heasy will also challenge you to a music quiz!
  • Niryo One – Niryo Pro: collaborative open source robots which aim to democratise robotics!
  • Ava is the first solution to be able to sub-title conversations using only the smartphones of participants. Meetings and conferences are now more accessible and inclusive in real time and on the go!

More demos coming soon.

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At Futur.e.s, art is a catalyst for creativity. Artists are pioneers of new practices, compasses for innovators and businesses and a lens through which to imagine the future. Artists are often the first to experiment with technology: art and culture are constantly exploring new models, new audiences, new interfaces, new rules and new games. And this creativity has now spread into the ways we work!

  • Say goodbye to the PC! Computer Variations by ENSCI Les Ateliers redefines the computer as a collaborative workspace, permitting new methods of interaction between people, the digital and the physical world.
  • Become a paragliding pro with I.C.E.B.E.R.G / Orbital Views. Thanks to virtual reality, you will be immersed into a hyper-realistic environment where you will experience the feeling of taking the big leap and flying.
  • Tired of playing Für Elise on your own? Developed by NoMadMusic, the NomadPlay application gives you the chance to virtually substitute any musician from anorchestra to play immersively.
  • Discover the secrets of Antoine BOURDELLE’s atelierArtOfCorner offers an unique immersive experience betweendocu-fictionand a video game, centred on the atelier of the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle.
  • Urban Expé provides users withinnovative and connected digital experiences. Using the Story Trip mobility fiction application, embark on an adventure and discover the future!
  • The contemporary art gallery Singulart reinvents the creative process andencourages This digital platform helps to bring contemporary artists into our everyday lives, and offers a new way to access the world of art.
  • Change of Paradigm has designed Miximaliste, an augmented reality application that allows users to visualise their clothes in the real world, and directs them towards the closest shop or stockist.

More demos coming soon.

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For the 2018 edition, Futur.e.s has renewed its partnership with StartUp For Kids. This year, the selection focuses on Do It Yourself and Learn It Yourself. The digital is synonymous with independence, and makes learning fun.

  • Bakou accompanies you in your dreams. Blackfoot transforms your ceiling into a shadow play theatre, giving life to night-time stories!
  • Magic Makers have conceived computing as child’s play. Thisstart up’s projects include programming a mini-car. They invite you to come and hack a code created by young developers!
  • Help Mina and Tim to find their shadow in a colourful, dreamlike universe created by Tourmaline Studio. Using a tablet and connected figurines, this adventure game transports children into a magical and mysterious world.
  • Kutì Kutì is a luminous construction kit. Children use this collection of blocks to construct from A to Z – the blocks light up once they are assembled. Any construction is possible and customisable!
  • Your children will no longer leave your favourite plants to die with the Botaki game by Mahou Studio. Between virtual and real, this game reconnects children with nature and teaches them about gardening.
  • SBT Human(s) Matter have created an application based on inverted pedagogy. Armed with a tablet, children become P’tits Profs, learning whilst having fun.
  • What would you say if your television became a learning and teaching tool? Researchers and staff of NexGenTV wanted to overcome this challenge by designing the television of tomorrow.
  • Open your mind to the future thanks to Galaxie des métiers by Pixis, designed to assist young people in their academic and professional direction. Ate.s. discover hundreds of inspiring profession using artificial intelligence.
  • Tralalere presents DysApp, a project conceived for children with dyslexia, that everyone can use! The idea is to make learning written language easy by using a tablet-based game that relies on strategy, dexterity and rhythm in a poetic universe.


This theme, dedicated to disability, is new to the Festival. In partnership with the Signes de Sens association, our selection explores the most inclusive and fun solutions relating to Tech and Disability. The projects presented have both specific and general uses, this is why this selection of demos is found not only in this dedicated theme but also the 5 others.

  • Actimage aims to improve school integration for autistic children using their learning program Hol’Autisme. By utilising mixed reality, the project focuses on challenging situations and creates new approaches to gradually build strategies to respond to them.
  • In the spirit of open collaboration Fabricarium has developed a new wheelchair lift. This open source project was based on the objective to improve access to these essential but often costly devices.
  • Ordyslexie is an intuitive digital backpack designed by a team of engineers to improve the confidence of dyslexic children.
  • Captiv have created Gaspard, a connected mat that is placed under the cushion of a wheelchair. Using a mobileapplication and Bluetooth, it can detect the time passed, position and inactivity of the user. It also assists the user to improve their posture and wheelchair activity.
  • Explore in the Life theme: OrCam has created MyEye, the only artificial vision technology that is activated by the intuitive gesture of pointing a finger, or simply by following the gaze of the user.
  • Exlore in the AI theme Ava is the first solution able to sub-title conversations using the smartphone of participants.
  • Explore in the Kidstheme: Tralalere presents DysApp, a project conceived for children with dyslexia, that everyone can use! The idea is to make learning written language easy by using a tablet-based game that relies on strategy, dexterity and rhythm in a poetic universe.
  • À retrouver dans le parcours TerritoiresStreetco, is the first pedestrian GPS that is adapted for people with reduced mobility or disabilities.
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  • In the Digital Naps space: discover Nap and Up, acocoon that gives collaborators the benefits of a mini-nap.
  • In the Hall entryWith the installation ‘Enter’, Filipe Vilas-Boas and Douglas Cabel capture the traces of your digital activity at a grand scale. A fascinating and fun magnification of the digital spaces where that we enter into.


Groupe BPCE

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Each year, the Ile-de-France region chooses a range of technological prototypes to be exclusively presented at Futur.e.s. Selected from a call for projects and financed up to 1.4 million euros per year by the Region, the 16 winners of INNOV’up Proto 2017 were given several months to perfect their project, with the support of Cap Digital. They will unveil their creations to the public on 21, 22 and 23 June. Discover the winners: here.