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Programme – Thursday 21 June
Programme – Friday 22 June
Programme – Saturday 23 June

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Some elements of the programme may be modified. Complete details of all Festival sessions will be available very soon.

Conferences and masterclasses are open to everyone. Festival access requires a free ticket available online.


Thursday 21 June


10:00 Opening Conference: Other Futur.e.s (FR and EN)
With Rebecca Enonchong, Nadia El-Imam, Mounir Mahjoubi

11:00 Bigger – and better? Can tech lead to fairer and sustainable metropolises? (FR)
With Philippe Dewost, Jean-Louis Missika, Aawatif Hayar, Alice Cabaret 

12:00 Disability in the city (FR)
With Audrey Sovignet, Jérémie Boroy, Flavie Deprez

12:30 Menstrutech: state of the art (FR)
With Lucie Ronfaut, Marion Coville

14:00 The future of the genome (FR)
With François Artiguenave, Christine Peponnet, Stéphane Desmichelle 

14:30 How mastering our biological clocks will allow us to enhance ourselves (maybe) (FR)
With Etienne Challet, Pierrick Arnal, Stéphane Desmichelle 

15:00 Women4Climate – C40 Cities (FR)
With Camille Chardayre, Amandine Langlois, Katarina Dear, Elisa Galván-Mondié, Fanny Giansetto, Clara Duchalet 

15:45 This is the end (of the net neutrality): will Wikipedia be a luxury good in the future? (FR)
With Sébastien Soriano, Julie Owono, Eric Scherer 

16:30 Rare-earth elements, harmful infrastructures: the blindspots of the digital transition (FR)
With Guillaume Pitron, Stéphane Petibon, Laure Beaudonnet 

17:00 How drones can enable African farmers to improve their yields (FR)
With Agathe Courteille 

17:30 Future of cities
With Carlo Ratti, Annabelle Laurent


11:30 The future of media (FR)
With Eric Scherer 

14:00 What does the future hold for innovation in Africa? (FR)
With Stéphane-Eloïse Gras

15:00 What does art have to do with innovation? (FR)
With Agnès de Cayeux, Frédéric Mit 

16:00 “Hi, how are you?” “Fine, and you?”: are chatbots limited by our own mistakes? (FR)
With Thomas Cohu, Elisa Piccinini

17:00 Pollution: a source of energy worth considering? (EN)
With Alina Chanaewa 


9:45 Investor pitch – Cap Digital (limited registrations)

14:00 Energy transition: self-consumption – Enedis (FR)

15:00 Predictive car – Continental Automotive France (FR)
With Reynald Riviere

15:45 Nudge: from prototyping to experimentation, what are the key factors of success? – BVA and Okoni (FR)
With Pauline Le Golvan, Pierre Baudry

16:30 How to construct your own recommendation system – Université Paris 13, with the Seine-Saint-Denis department (FR)
With Issam Falih

17:15 Disability as a source of innovation and universal design – Signes de Sens (FR)
With Simon Houriez 


Friday 22 June


10:00 The Silicon Valley model is outdated! (EN)
With Phil Libin

10:30 The startup studio, a new model for future innovation? (FR)
With Mathieu Grisolia, Ishan Bhojwani, Marialya Bestougeff, Géraldine Russell 

11:30 Moving to the country, the only solution to hide from Big Brother? (EN)
With Ohad Rubinstein, Tristan Nitot, Amaëlle Guiton 

13:30 Beyond the hype: blockchain and the pharmaceutical industry (FR)
With Anca Petre, Chloé Dru, Emilie Laystary 

14:00 The power of bacteria (FR)
With Xavier Duportet, Emmanuelle Quilès, Vincent Lucchese

14:30 GMO vs. GMO: how to feed 8 billion people without becoming slaves of Monsanto? (EN)
With Chidananda Kanchiswamy

15:00 Personal Democracy Forum
With Salwa Toko 

16:00 Algorithms will be tomorrow’s judges. Be afraid! (FR)
With Jérôme Dupré, Marie Soulez, Jacques Lévy-Véhel, Jean-Baptiste Soufron, Elisa Braun 

17:00 Will the future be ruled without States? (FR)
With Paula Forteza, Henri Verdier, Judith Rochfeld, Christophe Alix 


10:00 What blockchain means for Africa (EN)
Avec Narigamba Mwinsuubo 

11:00 What exactly is RGPD? (FR)
With Florence Raynal 

12:00 Mobilising AI for automatic translation and linguistic accessibility (FR)
With Adrien Meslet 

14:00 The future of interfaces: invisible interfaces? (FR)
With Lauren Thévin 

15:00 Ask me anything about: quantum computing (FR)
With Sylvie Tissot 

16:00 How can we encourage French champions in EdTech ? (FR)
With Litzie Maarek, Benjamin Gans 

17:00 Ethics of design, virtual and augmented reality: how can we ensure the user doesn’t become addicted? (FR)
With Virginia Cruz, Nicolas Gaudron 


10:00 Digital threats: how can we reestablish confidence? – MAIF (FR)
With Chloé Beaumont 

10:45 Data at the service of clients, collaborators and partners – Groupe BPCE (FR)
With Pierre-Philippe Cormeraie

11:30 What place does Art have in the digital and augmented city of tomorrow? – JCDecaux France (FR)
With Erik Soulard, Naziha Mestaoui, Stéphane Carricondo

12:15 New models and new possibilities for our places and spaces – ADEME (FR)
Yann Bergamaschi, Amandine Crambes

14:00 Feedback on experiences with open innovation – Orange (FR)
With Bertrand Rojat 

14:45 Digital saved the radio stars – France Culture (FR)
With Florent Latrive

15:30 What role does the digital have in measuring the impact of Third Places? – OuiShare (FR)
With Samuel Roumeau

16:15 New generations: an unexpected power – Pangea (FR)
With Kenza Bouzoubaa

17:00 Recruiting international talents: Diversity is key! – WonderLeon (FR)
With Johanna Burgos, Khadija Mekkaoui, Romain Fouache, Julie Olivieri, Swapna Sriranganadane


Saturday 23 June


11:00 Smartocracy: will we be able to enhance intelligence on demand? (EN)
With Newton Howard, Christine Aicardi, Hervé Chneiweiss, Nastasia Hadjadji

12:00 Jobs of the future: are we all becoming butchers addicted to Instagram ? (FR)
With Jean-Laurent Cassely, Magali Perruchini, Fred Jourden, Florent Latrive 

14:00 Climate fiction: modifying climate, our only chance of survival? (EN)
With Svante Henriksson, Lola Vallejo, Anaïs Tondeur, Hanieh Hadizadeh

15:00 AI killed the radio star: what place does the artist have in a world of automated creation? (FR)
With Greg Beller, Emmanuelle Grangier, Rocio Berenguer, Alix Debussche 

16:00 Now that reality has overwhelmed fiction, does science fiction have anything left to tell us? (FR)
With Oulimata Gueye, Nicolas Nova, Clémentine Malgras 

17:00 To invent the work of tomorrow, do we need to forget about the work of today? (FR)
Avec Daniel Kaplan, Yann Moulier-Boutang, Ariel Kyrou


 11:00 How will we retrain when we live to over 150 years? (FR)
With Celina Rocquet, Lola Laurent, Sandra Rocquet

12:00 Can we programme love?  (FR)
With Laurence Devillers, Eric Scherer / en partenariat avec le Collège des Bernardins

13:30 Nutritious microalgae and robotised fast food: the future of food may be ethical (FR)
With Mathieu Goncalves, Philippe Goldman 

15:00 Brain-computer interfaces: will we have to leave our body behind to stay human? (FR)
With Gille de Bast, Héloïse Théro 

16:00 Food, environment and sexuality : play video games for a better world (FR)
With Vincent Péquignot, Marianne Tostivint 

17:00 How to use technological and scientific innovation to respond to major social challenges? – France Eco-Sociale Tech (FR)


11:00 User experience & design product : two Futur.e.s demos tested by the experts! (FR)

12:00 Virtual or augmented reality : how the health sector can learn from these innovations – Agence nationale de la recherche (FR)
With Xavier Martin, Loïc Druette

14:00 Digital social innovation, a new base for European cohesion? – Social Good Accelerator (FR)

15:00 Recruiting digital talents – EdFab (FR)
With Kilian Bazin, Pierre-Gaël Pasquiou, Aurite Kouts

16:00 New jobs: data strategy (FR)
With Alain Bensoussan